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The rooms at Castello Orsini: a holiday dreams are made of

The rooms and suites of Hotel Castello Orsini are located in the 4 buildings which make up the castle: the Main Building, the Stables, Borghetto dei Lecci and Villino Salimei. Each setting is unique: the position and furnishings are all different and embellished with period details, giving each room a special atmosphere which offers guests an exclusive and comfortable stay.

The Main Building of the Castle

This is the heart of the castle, a fully-fledged fortress. The rooms are located in the original premises of the manor: the guard’s building, the towers, the prince’s room, the captain’s lodgings and the granaries, to name a few. Each room boasts unique details and features. Every stone exudes a fascinating story: with a leap into the past, we find ourselves stepping into the shoes of a prince, a knight or a friar, experiencing history in all its charm.

The Stables

The Stables were once used to house the squires. Today they make for a truly romantic location, with a breath-taking view of the castle, the bridge and the crenelated patrol walkway. The rooms, 2 suites and 3 superior doubles/twins, are all bright. A delightful courtyard with an almond tree in the middle adds to the appeal of this corner.

Borghetto dei Lecci

Borghetto dei Lecci is a charming group of old houses set inside the castle walls. Skilled architectonic work has made it possible to incorporate this block of rooms (13 superior doubles/twins and 1 single room) into the castle in a harmonious way. They enjoy the advantage of being both independent yet conveniently close to the gardens and the pool.

Villino Salimei

Villino Salimei is an eighteenth-century Villa set outside the walls (10 metres from the main entrance into the Castle) with sumptuous interiors, marble and carpets. The renovated rooms are extremely comfortable and enjoy natural light, as well as overlooking the old hamlet of Nerola. Guests can make use of the common areas, a glass table and a small garden. The Villino is perfect for those in search of an extremely private and independent solution.

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