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Your big day in a dream location

Getting married in a castle is the fairy-tale event of a lifetime. Make the dream come true! The unique atmosphere of Castello Orsini will ensure the big day is truly unforgettable. Castello Orsini is a highly evocative location, perfect for staging a wedding all year round.
Getting married here means experiencing all the beauty of the location in full, and surprising your guests with a range of experiences. The wedding receptions are held in several settings – the stunning garden with its swimming pool for the aperitif, the frescoed chapel for the banquet, the sumptuously decorated hall for cutting the cake and dancing – all of which make for a highly dynamic and engaging event.

Our staff will be happy to help you organise every aspect of the wedding, giving you valuable tips and ideas that will help ensure your day in this romantic and elegant location is a memorable one. Castello Orsini offers the bride and groom the experience of a wedding tailored to their dreams: from the floral decorations to the wedding banquet, not to mention any entertainment, such as fireworks for the grand finale.

It is, of course, also possible to rent the castle as a location, and use an external catering and banqueting service.

Castello Orsini *****
Via Aldo Bigelli snc
00017 Nerola (Roma)
E-mail: info@castellorsini.it
Telefono: +39 0774 683272
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